Software Features

Cluster Hotel provides many of the features required by the hotel mainly frequented by hotel guests from abroad. These features include the following:

  • Multiple Hotel
    Cluster Hotel can be used by several hotels in one system and the same database. This feature is a prime feature of Cluster Hotel
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  • Multiple Time Zone
    Hotels can select the appropriate time zone away. Cluster Hotel will inform the hotel time and time zones to hotel guests. Thus, guests can tell the difference between local time with time hotel
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  • Multiple Currency Display
    Cluster Hotel provides some foreign exchange value is always updated at any time. Guests can convert hotel rates to determine the tariff in their local currency
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  • Unlimited Number of Property
    Cluster Hotel support the hotel has several buildings. Number of buildings is not limited
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  • Unlimited Number of Room
    Cluster Hotel support the hotel has many rooms with various types and classes as well as rise building. The number of hotel rooms is not limited
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  • Dynamic Rates
    Cluster Hotel allows hotel owners or managers to dynamically adjust rates. Rates will apply at the time specified
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  • Negotiated Rates
    Cluster Hotel allow for bargaining between the guest room rate with the hotel manager. Rates are only valid on the transaction
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  • Online Booking
    Cluster Hotel allows guests and agents make booking rooms online or pemesanana
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  • Integrated Point of Sale
    Cluster Hotel providing Point of Sale features integrated with the hotel bill
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  • User-Defined Configuration
    Cluster Hotel allows the user to set the configuration of the program in accordance with the wishes
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In addition to the features mentioned above, Cluster Hotel also provides a variety of good report required by the Central Reservation Office for transactions and for the managers and owners of the hotel.